Friday, October 21, 2016

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Deplorable Basket

The third Trump/Clinton "debate" was exhausting so, no, I have not slept well.

You know how surreal thoughts flow through your mind while you're semiconscious, and your body is in that partial REM state?

Well, that's the condition the debate put me in. And I've got to share what I was "seeing" while we were all watching.

So, here we go....

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hashtags: Am I Doing It Right?

'Eskimo Pies' or 'Cheery Gracias?'


Now I don't know about anybody else, but our presidential election can't come soon enough!

Though I'm fairly certain I'm not the only person in the country, nor in other countries for that matter, who has chewed his fingernails down to the first joint, and then chewed the toenails all the way to the balls of his feet.

Believe it when I say that's quite a feat for me, especially since I haven't been able to touch my toes for at least the last eight years or so. That's why I can only wear slip-on "old man" shoes. Laces are a dangerous predicament for me.

As a matter of fact, I haven't even seen my lonely feet since this outcropping of a soapstone blubber gut jutted out from the magmafied innards of this flabby body, completely inundated with Eskimo Pies to alleviate the Demoncrat/Prepubican stress imposed on my life.

The "Ostrich" Christians

Amir Tsarfati is a Jew and a Biblical scholar who believes Jesus is the Messiah.

Many years ago he received Christ as his Lord and Savior and since then, he travels the world sharing the Gospel, his testimony and prophetic elements of the Bible relating to current events in the world and in Israel, his home country.

Listen to his video message on our presidential election. Because he's a Christian and a great friend to the United States of America, I find his perspective to be very profound.

It's about eight minutes.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Animal Farm

[direct link]

An exhaustive compilation of the most coherent arguments from Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Make America Great Again - And Europe, And.....

This is a link to a song my good friend Rusty Shoal wrote and recorded early in January this year when I told him I was supporting Donald Trump for president.

It's just a very rough draft as you'll hear but, he's helping me to do our tiny part to support Trump's campaign, so I really appreciate his help.

We figure that in the long run, by supporting Trump, we're also supporting Europe and the rest of the civilized world. You know, every freedom loving person doing their small part to make the world a better place.

If you like the song, then please share the link.

Oh, and the title of the song is -

"Make America Great Again"

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Folks, please watch this recent Mark Dice video and then we'll talk, unless you end up shooting your TV, your laptop, your tablet, your phone or yourself in the head.

It's less than four minutes.

Okay. So this is what fun "da mental" transformation looks like, people!

The dumbing down of America is complete. Now, on to the next phase.

Donald 'Judah' Trump - "Victoribus Spolia"

"To The Victor Go The Spoils"

Or should I say,

"To Donald 'Judah' Trump Go The Spoils"

After Donald Trump's glorious conquest in battle against Hillary Clinton in their second debate Sunday, October 9th, I feel energized, revitalized and maybe even "super sized!"

Is it just me? I doubt it's just me feeling warm and fuzzy all over today.

I think I'm even feeling kind of, I don't know, powerful?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Guest Blogger: Donald Trump - A Modern Day Nehemiah? Part 2

The following was submitted to us by Mordecai Gallows.

The Old Testament prophet Nehemiah from Israel was a great man appointed by God. In my humble opinion, so is Donald Trump.

The actions of each man restored their nations to a sovereign state of existence.

I see many parallels between ancient Israel and America that make sense when comparing these parallels with the Cycle Of Great Nations chart below.

 The Cycle Of Great Nations

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Guest Blogger: Pheremones

This was submitted to us by Your Tour Guide.

Most individuals consider themselves honest and moral. The thought that their actions might injure someone, hurt their finances, or put them in harm’s way is alien to them. This creates a quandary. So many of the persons we put in charge of our future and security are, basically, sociopaths. As long as they, or the friends they represent get what they want, nothing else matters. 

To correct this, decent individuals have to rewire their thinking. When things don't make sense, or when something's repeated that has failed spectacularly before ask THIS: "If I were an utterly ruthless, greedy, amoral person, what would I be doing in this situation?"

Guest Blogger: The First Trump/Clinton Debate - I was the Loser

The following was submitted to us on 9/26/16 by Mordecai Gallows.

I made two massive mistakes tonight, folks. And that’s not me normally. Like many people, at times my life has seemed like an endless series of micro-mistakes and mini-mishaps but, nothing major like what occurred this evening.

I fell “off the wagon.” And I wasn’t even riding on it.

Mistake number one resulted from “actively engaging” in the first debate tonight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I watched some of it while making dinner for the wife and myself, and listened to nearly all of it, at least what I could hear over my raucous ranting and my wife insisting, in a not so calm way, that I calm down.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Guest Blogger: What Donald Trump Could Learn from Baseball

 The following was submitted to us by Sandra Airey.

Baseball can teach you an awful lot about life. The old adage is that the game isn't over till the last man is out and the fat lady sings. This reflected perfectly to me the Catholic belief; you haven't lost the game until you draw your last breath and refuse to accept the Salvation won for you by Christ.

My teen years were filled with the excitement of watching the Detroit Tigers. Tension grew whenever the hated Cleveland Indians came to town. Jimmy Piersall started it. He hated Detroit and Detroit returned the favor. The Yankees never seemed to make it personal and besides there was something you could admire about them.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Guest Blogger: Ravi Crux - Trump vs the Left: Post First Debate

The following was submitted to us by Ravi Crux.

Imagine, if you will, you are a globalist.  I realize that this is a difficult thing to most, but bear with me a moment.  As a globalist, you have the perfect candidate running for the highest position of power on the planet.  This candidate is eager and willing to implement all of the plans that you and your fellow globalists have been devising and preparing for, for decades.   She is intelligent, studious, and vehemently attempts to crush anyone in her way.   

You spend decades influencing, training and supporting her initiatives, from which you gain power and money.  You carefully massage and influence major power brokers across the world to fall in line with the goals that have been set.  You have even had eight solid years of unchecked power in this current position. 

All of your planning and goals are in reach, until you have a singular realization:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guest Blogger: Why I am Pro-Life

The following was submitted to us by Rhea Volans.

In Danusha V. Goska’s book Save Send Delete the character Mira takes up email correspondence with the atheist Rand, and in one of her emails to him, she states “Many of the qualities in myself that I value most are rooted in the vile mud of suffering.” Isn’t that just the truth. I don’t think I’d be as pro-life as I am today if I had not, for 80% of my life, suffered from Type 1 Diabetes.

There are a lot of misconceptions about suffering, and these misconceptions are ones that I see being used to justify why having an abortion is the right thing to do. “The child is deformed. The child will suffer. It would be cruel to make the child suffer. An abortion would be a kindness.”

Leaving aside the frequent and disturbing stories of parents who were told that their child would be horrifically deformed and unable to live a good life and who, when the child was born, found their child to be perfectly healthy, and the frequent and heartrending stories of parents whose child lived only a few days or hours after being born but changed their families so much in those few hours or day that the child’s brief life was considered such a huge gift by the parents, I want to look at the argument about suffering as a justification for abortion.

Guest Blogger: Can America Avoid Defining God?

The following was submitted to us by Frank Morris.

Signs with “God Bless America” used to decorate much of the landscape following the horrendous attack of  9/11; they’re back up now after the horror of Orlando. Americans everywhere are expressing a sincere desire for help at this time in our nation’s history. But who is this God whose blessings we seek?

What if the issue of being blessed is not as simple as just posting signs? Might we first be required to identify and honor this God before blessings will be given? Perhaps it is time for us to dust off our spiritual primers and learn again the basics of religious thought and devotion. Spiritual homework has not been required of us for years; life’s exams have been relatively easy in these modern times. 

Up until now, that is. Now we are in a struggle to protect all that we hold dear.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Guest Blogger: If You Can Keep It

The following was submitted to us by Bob Kalle.

I recently read a book by Eric Metaxas called If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty. The book is about how the Constitution came about. When the founding fathers were negotiating the Constitution, a woman came up to Benjamin Franklin and asked if we were going to have a republic and his answer was “if we can keep it.”

To make it short, the book explained that the founding fathers knew that every other country then and still to this day were run and controlled by either some sort of monarchy or by an elite class. They wanted this new country to be different and knew that up to that time the people had been self-governing themselves.

Guest Blogger: Donald Trump, A Modern Day Nehemiah?

The following was submitted to us by Mordecai Gallows.

Donald Trump will build a wall. As Nehemiah did nearly twenty-five hundred years ago.

A wall that's significant in more ways than one.

As most of us understand, without a physical wall we have no control of our border and without a border we have no country. The common sense of this notion has evaded us for so long that some citizens view this as an abhorrent idea, as if the sovereignty of a nation is an evil selfish characteristic in this modern age of the "international family." 

Of course, I don't see a lot of these folks exiting the U.S. in droves to flee this horrible evil. All those who have told me about national sovereignty being a sacrilege toward our global community are still here so I guess individual sovereignty must still have some merit. Maybe there's a small thread of hope that they can be reached with the truth.