Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guest Blogger: Can America Avoid Defining God?

The following was submitted to us by Frank Morris.

Signs with “God Bless America” used to decorate much of the landscape following the horrendous attack of  9/11; they’re back up now after the horror of Orlando. Americans everywhere are expressing a sincere desire for help at this time in our nation’s history. But who is this God whose blessings we seek?

What if the issue of being blessed is not as simple as just posting signs? Might we first be required to identify and honor this God before blessings will be given? Perhaps it is time for us to dust off our spiritual primers and learn again the basics of religious thought and devotion. Spiritual homework has not been required of us for years; life’s exams have been relatively easy in these modern times. 

Up until now, that is. Now we are in a struggle to protect all that we hold dear.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Guest Blogger: If You Can Keep It

The following was submitted to us by Bob Kalle.

I recently read a book by Eric Metaxas called If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty. The book is about how the Constitution came about. When the founding fathers were negotiating the Constitution, a woman came up to Benjamin Franklin and asked if we were going to have a republic and his answer was “if we can keep it.”

To make it short, the book explained that the founding fathers knew that every other country then and still to this day were run and controlled by either some sort of monarchy or by an elite class. They wanted this new country to be different and knew that up to that time the people had been self-governing themselves.

Guest Blogger: Donald Trump, A Modern Day Nehemiah?

The following was submitted to us by Mordecai Gallows.

Donald Trump will build a wall. As Nehemiah did nearly twenty-five hundred years ago.

A wall that's significant in more ways than one.

As most of us understand, without a physical wall we have no control of our border and without a border we have no country. The common sense of this notion has evaded us for so long that some citizens view this as an abhorrent idea, as if the sovereignty of a nation is an evil selfish characteristic in this modern age of the "international family." 

Of course, I don't see a lot of these folks exiting the U.S. in droves to flee this horrible evil. All those who have told me about national sovereignty being a sacrilege toward our global community are still here so I guess individual sovereignty must still have some merit. Maybe there's a small thread of hope that they can be reached with the truth.

And the Winner of the War on Women Is...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Make the World Great Again

Some are for Hillary, some are for Trump. Some are hardcore Leftist, some are hardcore Conservative. People everywhere are continuing to make this election about "left vs right" or "Democrat vs Republican". But that is not what this election is about.

The following video might give you a clue about what this election means. What the forces involved are, and why it is important. There is a global movement going on. This is not a normal election. This is a peaceful revolution, to avoid a real revolution. Watch:

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Guest Blogger: All They Need is Just One More Election

The following was submitted to us by Ravi Crux.

The struggle is real.   


 Whether you are just waking up to the reality of it or are still oblivious, the Constitution of the United States of America is under assault.  There is currently a major attempt to abolish the single most important document establishing an agreement between the government and its people.  Every right established allowing our country to become the most prosperous and functional on the planet, is being torn down brick by brick. It would be a pleasant nightmare to consider this fiction.  A gleefully disturbed look would fill ones face, if this was merely a dream.   

But it is not.    

This is not some movie.  This is not some conspiracy theory.  This is not some random whisper from an untrustworthy stranger.  The struggle for freedom is real. Freedom as we know it in America is being replaced, and once it is gone it may never return.

Trump Calls Mark Cuban Dopey and Says He'll Invite Gennifer Flowers to Debate

Gennifer Flowers accepts.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We the Deplorables

Throwing Good Money After Bad

Colin Kaepernick says he’ll donate $100,000 every month over the next ten months to communities affected by police brutality and racial injustice.

Excellent. If he continues to contribute about one two-hundredth of his annual salary per month over the rest of his six-year contract, he’ll have paid enough to compensate taxpayers for the first riot in Ferguson, Missouri more than two years ago.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Reddit is Deplorable

6 Days ago, i posted the following image on Reddit:

Since then it has made the rounds on the Internet and whatnot. Which is fine.

What is not fine is that Reddit banned my account shortly after I posted that picture that I worked so hard on (OK, not THAT hard). What is even worse is that Reddit admin has refused to even respond to my questions of why my account was banned.

Per their own rules, if an account is banned, a user will receive a message or email detailing what rules they broke to cause the ban.

I received no such message or email. And through studying the rules, I found no rule that could have possibly been broken by posting the above image.

I find it odd that such an image would have caused me to be targeted for a ban. I mean, yes, it has gotten around a bit, but it isn't exactly the most brilliant meme ever.

Apparently Reddit is even more sensitive than Twitter or Google or Facebook when it comes to anything that does not align to their political thinking.

This is digital book burning people. It is time to avoid these companies. Make them suffer and turn their overpriced stocks into napkins. They have no business doing business.


Donald Trump was kind enough to walk out on stage in tonight's rally beneath my humble artwork with some great music from Les Mis playing in the background. I am so honored. Also the media picked up on it.

And to top it off, a little bit before the rally, Reddit reinstated my account. Claimed I had been picked off by the spam filter. Uhuh...suuuure.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Prediction Further Explained

The Official Prediction...or is it?

So a few weeks or so ago I released my official™ 2016 Presidential Election Prediction. I've had comments on it, here and there, from email to phone to message boards on other sites, and there are all kinds of "interesting" criticisms. 

I don't necessarily feel the need to explain myself, as I think I did so pretty well in the original post, but I will anyway just because I want to make sure what I'm getting at is clear. I also don't consider myself any kind of infallible genius or expert, so forgive me if I ignore those particular points. All I did was crunch some numbers. Anyone could do it.

 I used a mathematical model based on the "primary model", which basically compared primary turnout from the 2012 Republican Primary and the 2008 Democratic primary (adjusted for respective increase in voter registration based on increase in national population) to the 2016 primary turnout for both parties. 2012 for Republicans because it was their last significant primary, and 2008 for Democrats because it was their last significant primary.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump's Family Policy

I can tell reading a lot of these responses on the internet concerning Trump's family policy speech tonight that quite a few get it. But, being the anti-welfare guy that I am, I get some of the consternation too.

What those who are concerned need to recognize is that these policy proposals are directly in opposition to the whole point of welfare. The left has been pushing welfare as a means of, not only hooking voters by demographic, but mainly to get people hooked onto State dependence.

We can argue all day about “where the money comes from”, or if it is truly welfare or not (I say it is not). But you have to look at the goal here. It isn’t the leftist goal of keeping people dependent on the State. The goal is to get people to work. To make it easier for people to stay in the work force. And to help out working families and keep them as working families.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 1683-20--

September 11th has now several times become an important date in the history of the West versus the Muslim world. On September 11-12 of 1683, the Ottoman Caliphate made its last bid to finally take Vienna and open up the heart of Europe for its ever expanding conquests into Christendom. Due to the fractious nature of European politics, there was little in the way of support for the beleaguered Viennese available from their scheming and forever bickering European neighbors.

The Ottomans counted on this, knowing they could not successfully invade a united Europe. But Poland, traditionally enemies of Austrians, managed to bring a force to their aid, and with the largest cavalry charge in history sent the Muslim army fleeing Vienna, never to return. They had just been on the cusp of breaching the city, but were dealt such a blow that over the following centuries the Muslim occupation of significant portions of Europe gradually receded into what is now modern day Turkey.

Je Suis Deplorables

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Les Deplorables

I should have had Les do this, but he's a busy guy, so here's my attempt at making a graphic in response to Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Global Cooling and You

Archivists at Brave New World Laboratories have discovered that, what was once thought to have been a lost social guidance film was merely misplaced — the only surviving artifact from a time capsule sealed in the recently unearthed cornerstone of the defunct Funk & Wagnalls publishing headquarters in New York City. Some moldering footage of the feature can be seen as an inset in BNWL’s “Planet 9 Climatizer” video.
Now presented for the first time is a reconstruction of “Global Cooling and You,” believed to be the earliest film to address the influence of mankind on the earth’s climate.

[direct link]

Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Prediction

Place your bets...

Now for the moment probably only a few people have been waiting for: the Official Nuking Politics 2016 Presidential Election Prediction™.

This is going to be a numbers-heavy post, so bear with me. First though, I am going to explain my methodology. Most elections can be pretty frustrating to predict and generally all the media seems to go on is polling numbers. Unfortunately, polls are notoriously unreliable. Some elections they seem to give a decent indication of how it is going to turn out, while in others they fail miserably (1980 Reagan-Carter is a good example).

So my conclusion is, there is no real correlation between polls and outcome other than, if the Democrat ends up winning, then the polls seem to have been correct, but if the Republican wins then the polls seem to have been mistaken. This is because the polls always show the Democrat winning (at least most of the time). I'll not speculate as to why that is in this post, but I'm guessing you can figure it out.