Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's A Disaster When They Say It Is

At a joint Senate hearing on Sept 16, Dr. Beth Bell, director of CDC, said with regard to the ebola outbreak,   "It's a disaster when it's declared a disaster". 

Dr. Bell made a very revealing statement.  Except for her apparent belief that reality is a thing to be managed and defined exclusively by federal bureaucrats, her calm, rational
presentation might lead one to mistake her for a conservative.  But, the issue she addresses seems not to be one of 'what is the nature of the threat, and what do we need to do about it?' , rather her statement seems more to say, 'the government will decide when it's a problem, and until we do, it isn't a problem.'  For progressives, a group which may or may not include Dr. Bell, reality isn't a concrete fact to be dealt with, it's a much more pliable substance that can be defined and molded to suit one's needs.  Like some kind of ideological silly putty.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Tweets Just Keep on Coming

It seems that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a champion of undocumented angels, isn’t so hot on certain types of (currently) legal emigrants moving to other states and countries — particularly the ones who pay a lot in taxes to help cover her husband’s investments.

I’m trying to think of a once idyllic, bygone country that had a similar philosophy...oh yeah, I remember now.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mostly Haramless

I saw this golf clap of a tweet reposted recently.

Of course, I riposted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Heil Hitler

Ausfall Heil...
This happens every time Israel starts a war with Palestine, and by "start a war" I mean get hit with missiles from Palestine. People all over the world, mostly white leftists, conspiracy theorists, and Muslims get all Jewish-hatey. Well, publicly Jewish-hatey. This time it has been worse than normal. Swastikas going up all over the place and French people yelling "Sieg Heil" and "Heil Hitler!", and by "French people" I mean Muslim Arabs that immigrated to France.

And I am all for it. I think if a person hates Jews, he should just come out and say it. Say "I hate jews", and make it clear you don't like them, and then move on. And people who hate black people, just say "I hate black people", and make it clear you don't like them, and move on and such. Same for whites. Just say "I hate white people", move on, etc. 

Admit It, The Science Is Settled

We're going to have to admit it.  Al Gore was right all along.  Sunday night, Sep 7, things changed.  It rained all night, and most of the day yesterday.  Phoenix got up to 6.5 inches of rain, about equal to the total for an entire year.  I lived in the desert, about 50 miles east of Phoenix, a beautiful, peaceful place.  But that was in the Before Time.  I woke up Monday morning to a very different world.  Looks like the science is settled.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I'm still not entirely sure what "ISIS", the acronym, stands for yet. I'm pretty sure the S's are cuss words. At least, that's what I gather from their actions. I never judge a book by its cover, but I do judge books that chop innocent peoples' heads off. I'm pretty sure I've made my utter disdain for ISIS and their ilk pretty plain before, so I won't waste your time with another rant about that.

What I do want to talk about is this current trend of progs and democrat lackeys to blame the entire thing on Bush. Yeah, I know...what else is new? They blame everything on Bush. But specifically, they are "misremembering" the Iraq war in a way that makes ISIS a natural progression of that war. They are completely forgetting the whole reason we went to Iraq, and what was going on in the world at the time. The whole "war for oil" idea was a product of years later. At the time, things were clearer. Let's take a little trip on the way back machine...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Time To Find A Rock, Mr. Obama

With no leadership, the nation watches as the flood of illegal aliens pouring across the border continues to increase, providing unimpeded access for terrorists, and admitting unchecked disease, drugs, and gang violence.  After years of the obvious increase of terrorist activity in the world, much of it directly threatening America,  President Obama admitted that he "doesn't have a strategy" to deal with any of it, muttering something about the need for diplomacy.

Diplomacy is a part of a legitimate strategy, but only up to the point that it becomes clear that your opponent intends to attack you. 

Will Rogers said that  "Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock".  

Somehow the development of an actual strategy must have fallen through the cracks, but not to worry, his administration is very busy developing strategies to deal with other, more pressing problems.  Here's some examples:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

We're From the Government

A Rant Against Big Electronics

Big Electronics Are Evil

If you pay any attention to the internets, you'll see a lot of public outcry against Big Pharma for purposely poisoning our children with evil vaccines and life-saving drugs. Sure, they save lives, but it's unnatural. Or somesuch.

And you'll see people upset at Big Food (or Big Farma) for purposely poisoning our children with GMO laden crops that prevent mass famine and death from starvation. Sure, they save lives, but it's unnatural. Or somesuch.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some Things To Think About On National Bacon Day

Technically it's called International Bacon Day, (see here) but it was originally conceived in Massachusetts in 2000, by an American.  So that makes it an American event.  Besides America is the only nation in history cool enough to have a National Bacon Day.    

Muslims don't like bacon, or Christianity.  Never invite this man to a bacon eating contest at a Baptist church on Easter Sunday.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Another ISIS Commentary, Or Whatever They Call Themselves Now

ISIS 1st Battalion "Allah's Ackbars"

I know, two posts from me in the same day is kind of crazy. But don't get too apoplectic about it. And yes, that was a shamless use of the word "apoplectic" so's I could link to an article showing a picture of Tom Brokaw being apoplectic, which I think is hilarious.

Moving on...

I rarely try to analyze the craziness in the Middle East too much because, well, it's crazy. And for the most part our enemies there have worse barks than bites. Iraq seemed pretty formidable, for instance, until we steam rolled them like a Pro club would your kid's Pee Wee team. Even Iran isn't a big deal when it comes to a military vs military face-off. And terrorist groups are annoying and elusive, and they can cause a lot of damage when they strike. But for the most part, terrorist groups spend 99% of their time being elusive, not striking. Still bad, but not take over chunks of the world bad.

I'm Confused as to Why He Said This

So, at yesterday's press conference, our Modern Day Cicero said this: "We don't have a strategy yet." This was regarding how to deal with ISIS and the overall decaying situation in the Middle East.

I don't understand why he said this. I mean, the guy lies about anything and everything. Did TOTUS turn malicious and feed him this line? Or just break down and make him answer off the cuff?

Or maybe this is some crazy jujitsu-type thing, where he has some insanely good strategy, but just doesn't want anyone to know about it so he can give us all a big surprise when he busts out the whuppin stick and delivers a whole lotta shock and awe on their behinds.

Somehow that doesn't seem plausible.

The closest thing to strategy we've seen from this guy is the idea that, on the 15th at Andrews, you need to drop your approach behind the bunkers and let it roll toward the cup, but not too hard or it will find the water hazard behind the green.

Says Some Guy on the Internet

Every so often I read a comment some guy on the internet makes and I thinks to myself; "Self, you ought to put that on your blog because it's a pretty good comment". And then I see some other shiny article and forget about it. Well this time I am posting it first.

This guy on the internet is a fellow by the name of JohnSmith112 (Disqus) commenting on this article. And he spake thusly:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Worn on Womyn

As Hollywood moonbats go, you can probably do worse than Scarlett Johansson. Anybody who earns the contempt of George Galloway can’t be all bad.

But Planned Parenthood has recruited her to design a T-shirt to raise money for its “Women are Watching” campaign, which I believe is an offshoot of the NSA.


The message taunts politicians who support the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, which allows certain companies with bizarre religious objections against killing unborn babies terminating pregnancies to opt out of covering such procedures for employees under ObamaCare.

This has inspired me to create my own design, addressing an underlying issue.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What Kind of Man Would Defy a First Lady?

He who fought, fought for cookies.

Gird Your Loins!

The Battle Is ON!!!!

Here in northeast Ohio, the Obama War on Children Eating Anything Even Vaguely Appetizing is continuing apace, and I suspect that NP readers will fully appreciate what an atrocity the latest, um, well, atrocity is.

In the suburb of Elyria, which is close to Lorain and near Vermillion, not to far from Westlake and Bordering North Ridgeville, (also kind of close to Cleveland), the most dastardly attack yet has taken place.

Now, school kids, when they go to buy their school lunches, will not only be given nasty looking, unappetizing, pansifying, liberal approved wimp food, but they will noy be able to buy the dessert that has been an Elyria traditoin for over 40 years:

Pink Cookies.

That's right, the Obama Administration, through the wonderful works of Our Lady Empress' Michelle Obama (May The Blessings Of Her Lord And Master Be Upon Her), has declared


Don't take my word for it: the link is for the local ABC affiliate, hardly a bastion of current conservative thought.

We need to mobilize and fight back against these heinous people. Unfortunately, our kids are on the front line. Don't believe it? Just look on Twitter, search #thanksmichelleobama (that handy-dandy link will do it for you), and see what liberalism hath wrought upon school lunches.

It's time to fight back!

They may take our freedom.

They may take our health care.

But they can never have OUR COOKIES!!!

Justice for Yogi

Let the picnic basket looting begin.

Real, Actual, Not Made-Up New York Times Headline

This is an actual screen shot of an actual New York Times headline:

Apparently that course is at Farm Neck Golf Club.

I hear he's got OJ helping him hunt down the murderer.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Winds Of Adversity

Mistakes are an inevitable fact of life.  Success comes from experience, and experience comes from failure.  When things go wrong, when the winds blow against us, that's when we learn.  But first we have to care about the success of what we're doing, and we have to be able to admit we should have done something differently.  The act of learning presupposes the ability to admit that there is something one doesn't fully understand.  For most, the desire to learn outweighs the ego's need to hide from admitting ignorance.  If someone cannot admit failure, there is no impetus to learn.

When people are confronted with "winds of adversity", the way they react says revealing things about their character.  Some people may get angry, some may adopt a hopeful attitude, and some may try to learn from the situation, and adjust their approach.  There are others however, woefully unsuited to their position, hopelessly out of their depth, and unable to learn, who find themselves bombarded daily with the consequences of their failures.  Failures such as, say, doing nothing about American citizens being murdered by barbarians, or riotous morons destroying their own community, surrendering the nation's borders, and doing nothing about, well, much of anything.  His signature reaction to these "ill winds", and the resulting dissonance, is to ignore it, and run away.  Golf is as good a place to hide as any.