Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts" September 12, 20-12

  • For my day job, I was tasked with creating a 45 second video about an event that hasn’t happened yet. They want me to use footage from the event.

         I'm not joking.

        Can I borrow someones time machine?
  • Today Obama apologized for Debbie Stricklands news paper showing up late.

         That guy loves to apologize.

        I wish he would love to fix the economy.

       Who's got the time for that with all the golf to play. The season's almost over you know.
  • Glenn Beck is coming back to cable just in time for me to cancel mine.

         Its only dish network, but you know... same thing.

         I actually like Glenn a lot. Sure the guy is a bit crazy pants, but he's our Keith Olbermann, you know minus the fake outrage and fart smelling look on his face.
  • The new iphone was demo'ed today. You know its good because they took all the best stuff from android for ios6.

         I really don't like apple. They have some of the shadyist business practices on the planet.

        The irony is I'm typing this on a mac book pro.

        Its a work computer though.
  • I'm considering releasing more excerpts from my book, but I want you guys to buy it, with money. Who knows.

  • Good night

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