Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Were You?

11 years ago today I was woken up by my grandmother shortly after the first plane hit.  At the time I was unemployed and staying up really late playing video games and didn’t really care too much.  “some stupid prop plane probably got lost in new york” I thought.  I had no idea that it was a passenger jet airliner.

When the second plane hit she yelled up at me about that one too.  I spend the rest of the day glued to the tv.  It was the first time I really cared about cable news, or news in general.  I actually interned at a local tv station for 6 months when I was 19 and that turned me off to the idea of news all together.  It’s a terrible business.

The reason I’m posting this is for two reasons, 1 it’s the annavereary and it’s a big ‘effin deal, and 2  I think you should know.  We all need to talk to each other about this day.  Its been long enough now (I feel) where we can have fun and make jokes, but this is something that needs to be talked about.  In 5 years there will be high school kids who wheren’t even alive when the tragety happened.

Just a few thoughts.

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  1. I called my dad that morning from Atlanta where I've been living for the past 20 years. I grew up just outside of NYC and my family are still up there. I woke my Father up that morning and told him to turn on the TV. My Brother worked for the Port Authority on the east side of the 74th floor of WTC #1. He was there when they tried the first time as well as the last time. I'll never forget hearing my Dad cry as he saw the carnage unfold on the NY news while I was sitting in my cube at work.

    This will always be the longest, hardest day of my life. I flew home as the site was smoldering, seeing it from the airplane window is just one of the many shocking memories still fresh in my head. I still have his business card in my wallet with the two buildings on the front.

    They are still out there planning for the next cowardly attack on the free world.

    I so hate this day.