Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Letter to the President

[This was inspired by a letter from an old veteran linked at IMAO]

Dear Mr. President,

A lot of people seem to be writing letters to you lately, saying what they think and admonishing you for your lack of being a good President of this great country. I'll fill in the blanks they aren't saying...

You're a horrible president. I'll go as far as to say you aren't even an American, because as far as I can tell, you don't even understand what being an American is all about.

America is a country of individuals. We believe in individual freedom, from freedom of expression to the freedom to protect one's self and family (2nd Amendment btw...I bet you didn't know that). You obviously do not understand such freedoms as you are so busy trying to regulate everything.

You do not understand our Constitution and seem to always be at odds with it. Again, this just shows how un-American you truly are. Being American has nothing to do with being arrogant or imperialistic or any of that tripe progressives like you seem to believe. For anyone to call a man "arrogant" because he wishes for actual freedom simply shows how arrogant, and more importantly, oppressive you are.

You are a champion of "progress". At least, that is what you tell yourself when you go to bed at night. Sorry, but your brand of progress has been tried...and has failed many times. Because the only progress that truly exists for humanity is individual freedom. Not statism. You progressives really are REgressives. You think that a government exists to control the people. Whether it is "for their own good" or not is irrelevant. It simply puts you in the same category as master and slave, king and subject. Either way, you do not truly believe in freedom.

Because you agonize over the negative side of freedom. You do not understand that with great power, as was said in some dumb movie, comes great responsibility. In this case, I mean the great power of a man or a woman over their own lives. People like you think they should be able to tell people how big of a soda they can drink. Or what kind of weapon they should be able to own. People like you think they know best what type of healthcare we ought to have.

People like you think you know so much, but in reality, you don't know squat. You assign coockie-cutter regulations to govern all. And the real kicker is you do it in America. The land of the free. That isn't just some silly patriotic is a fact. We are the land of the free. We are the land of the individual. That is why you have such a hard time pushing your idiotic agenda. We are not volunteers in your social experiment. We are not born for people like you to figure out how best we should live our lives.

And the results of progressive idiocy are plain to anyone who is willing to examine them. Increased poverty. Increased welfare. Increased dependency upon the State. Your "progressive" reforms serve to do nothing but reduce humans to dependent animals. You're building a rather colorful zoo with your nanny statism.

Evolution is a powerful force, and it is what separates humans from animals. The key factor in that separation is individuality. The simple statement "I am" is not only a defining characteristic of God, but also of man, created in His image. It is the realization that we, as humans, are something in and of ourselves and have the power to make choices in our lives. You wish to take that away. You wish to remove what makes a human being, in fact, a human being. And moreso, you wish to take away what makes an American, in fact, an American.

Because no people on Earth have yet come to the realization of their own individuality more than Americans. Reagan said it once upon a time: we are the last stand. We are the shining city on a hill, where those who embrace individual freedom escape to, to be a free individual.

And yet you, a so called president, want to take that away from us. Shame on you Mr. President.

[Then I would punch a hippie for good measure, as this would be on TV, hopefully.]


  1. Beautiful.

    Watch out. They're gonna call you a racist with that "colorful zoo" comment. :)

    1. Sure, if they want to twist my words.

      By saying "a colorful zoo", I am referring to progressive's tendency to champion superficial expressions of individuality, such as "lifestyle choices" and the like.

      Think of a zoo: every animal is different. They are so diverse, so "colorful". They act differently (but according to their assigned group of course), look different, eat different things, etc.

      But they are all in cages and not a one of them are truly free. They display superficial individuality, but are all alike in their lack of actual freedom and tangible individuality.

      Progressives try to put the masses into the same situation. Be gay, be gender-neutral, be whatever lifestyle you choose and diversity is great. Just make sure you otherwise be what we want you to be...not free.

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