Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Modest Suggestion

It sure is looking like the trade of five Taliban leaders from Gitmo for one Army deserter was a pretty lousy deal, especially since it seems there are civilians being held captive by the same people.

Since we are so keen to back our hostages that we are making deals with terrorists by sending dangerous criminals to the Taliban, may I suggest the following trade?

They send us all the civilians they are holding hostage, and we send them Obama. And if they promise to stop taking hostages and blowing people up, we won't send Michelle with him.


  1. Unfortunately, such cruel tactics may violate international war conventions. But hey, if the president can ignore the law with impunity...

  2. The Taliban are no dummies - they know how dangerous it would be to face Barack "Jaws of Death" Obama head to head.

    1. I don't think Barry scares them at all. Pretty sure NO ONE is scared of him, nor do they have any respect for him.

      Michelle on the other hand... It's like a horror movie, where all you can think is :This can only end badly." I bet they're petrified of her. Shed probably make them eat "healthy" school lunches.